Print can be used to compile projects or portions of your project to export as a PDF or send to the printer.

Select the ‘Print/Download PDF’ option from the project editor ‘File’ menu; this will surface the Print Setup. Click the chevrons to expand the containers for a more granular look at specific lanes.

Select the ‘Connection Formatting’ Contents to select which Connections you’d like to display in the printout; this would refer to the Sequences, Branches, and Portals associated with the sequence.

Lastly, users can create a Title Page if they wish, using the Title Page Contents tab, which will allow users to add a Title or Author, as well as position it on the page.

When you’re happy with the formatting, click the ‘Compile’ button, which will open the compiled script in a new tab, and surface your browser’s Print/PDF generator.

For page numbering, please ensure that the Headers and Footers are enabled in the browser’s Print Preview.