Onboarding Employees and Coworkers

Once your Celtx Gem account is set up you'll have a number of "seats" to which you can add team members.

To do so, you have two options. You may select either or both:

Bulk Onboarding
If you already have a database list of team members with email, first name and last name you can use this list to invite everyone at once.

To do so, first create a comma delimited .txt or .csv file. Each studio member should appear on their own row with commas and no spaces between email,firstname,lastname, as follows:

You'll then upload this file by clicking on Management ->Members and then select "Bulk Invite" at the top of the member list.

Each teammate will then receive a generic invitation to create a Celtx Gem account and join your studio. Please note, with the bulk add option there is no availability to add a customized message to their invitation.

Individual Invitations
You can also add team members to your studio individually and in small groups. This allows you to send each individual or group a customized message with the invitation and to add members on an as-needed basis. Similar to adding a list of team members, you would select Management -> Members. 

Select the "add member" icon and type in your teammate's email address. You can hit enter and include one or more email addresses. You can then add a personal message and select "invite" to send them an invitation that will prompt them to create a Celtx account (if they haven't done so already) and/or join your studio.


If you use either method to fill some but not all of your seats, you may use the other method for any empty seats remaining.