Joining a Studio

If you or your company have subscribed to Celtx Gem, team members will receive invitations via email. By clicking "accept" you will be prompted to create your Celtx account, and then you will have access to all the Celtx Gem features. You will be able to easily share and collaborate on files with your teammates.


How do I Share with my Team? 

You can now collaborate with your team on your Games projects. You can edit any modules the admin or project owner grants you access to and add comments to discuss ideas or provide feedback. Whatever your expertise, you can share it with a team of appreciative individuals while you work together towards a common production goal!

I already have my own account and projects. What happens to them?

Joining a Celtx Gem Studio is separate from any other Celtx accounts you may already have. If you have an account on, any projects you have will remain under your ownership, and you will still be able to access them via Should you need any of this content migrated to your Celtx Gem Studio, please discuss with your Studio Admin, or your Customer Success Manager and they will be able to assist.


Can I be a member of more than one studio?

No. You can only be a member of one Celtx Gem Studio team at a time.