Variables are unique components that users can create, define, and associate with Sequences, Branches, Interactive Dialogues, and Jump nodes. Users have the ability to control on which node type specific variables will be available.

There are currently eight variable types:

  • Date
  • Radio
  • Number
  • Range
  • Text
  • Text Area
  • Time
  • Boolean

Each variable type has a unique value input format. For example, boolean variable values are always ‘True’ or ‘False’, radio variable values are a series of options defined by the user, and range variable values must be between two user-defined numbers.

Creating Variables

Variables are created in the ‘Manage Variables’ menu. This menu can be accessed via the Edit dropdown menu, or via the Variable Configuration menu on a given node.

  1. On the left, type in a variable name, an optional description, and select a variable type. You can input an optional default value, which will be associated with the variable whenever it is tagged. Range and Radio variable types require additional definition.
  2. Click ‘Add Variable’ and your variable will appear on the right under ‘Existing Variables’, along with four icons. These icons represent Branch, Sequence, Interactive Dialogue, and Jump nodes respectively. By default, each of these icons is selected, meaning that the variable is available on all node types. You can click on the icon to deselect it, making the variable unavailable on that node type.
  3. When finished, click ‘Save’. The variable will now be available in the Variable Configuration menu in your Story Map.

To delete a variable, click on the X next to the variable in the Existing Variables list and then confirm the deletion.

Configuring Variables

  1. Right click on any Story Map node. In the context menu, click ‘Configure Variables’. This opens the Variable Configuration menu.
  2. Select a variable from the dropdown menu. This will add it below. You can select more than one variable.
  3. Once your variables are added, click on them to display their information on the right-hand side of the menu. From here, you can input or select the value for the variable.
  4. When finished, click ‘Save’.


To remove a variable from a node, click on the X next to the variable name.

Once a variable is present on a node, the instance of the variable and the corresponding value will be associated with the node in the Catalog and Reports. You can edit the value of a variable from any corresponding Catalog page.

Improved Menu Flow for Variable Configuration

We've added an update to the menu flow.  It has been changed to make it easy to create new variables and assign them to nodes on the fly, here's how:

1. Open configure variable on a given node.


2. Click through to manage variables to create a new one.


3. Upon save, you will be returned to the previous configure variable menu.


4. You can then assign the newly created variable to the node and save.