The Gem Editor UI

Editor UI

The following represents a Gem project in a default state, with the script editor open.



  1. Menu Bar

The menu bar is located at the top of the page. Clicking the project title will display the fly-out navigation menu. The File, Edit, View, and Help menus are home to a number of the tools and functions you’ll use. Additionally, this bar contains a Share button, as well as a Save button/indicator, and your Profile/account settings.


  1. Toolbar

Located below the Menu Bar, highlights a number of functions and tools, depending on whether or not the script editor is active. The + button will allow users to add new Episodes, Scenes, and Lanes. The right-hand side of the menu may be used for Search, or Heatmap, as well as Undo/Redo functions.


If the script editor is active, the script element selector and styling buttons will be visible. Otherwise, they’ll remain hidden.


  1. Project Navigation

Projects are organized hierarchically to help keep things organized. There are 3 levels of containerization with the top level being Episodes. Within Episodes you can place Scenes, and within Scenes, you can place Lanes; Lanes are home to Storymaps which are displayed and editable at this level. The active lane will display a green highlight.



  1. Tools Menu

The Tools Menu, located on the right side of the page, is home to a number of functions. If no script is open, the Storymap tools will be available, letting the user place nodes for Sequences, Branches, or Portals, as well as allow you to draw connections between nodes.

If the script editor is open, however, the menu will display tools for the Breakdown function and Comments. 


  1. Sequence Node

This is your project’s default sequence node, and is the primary building block of your Storymap. Double-clicking the Sequence node will open the Script Editor for that node.


  1. Script Editor

This is where users will do most of their writing (though content may also be written via the Reports). Users may drag the script anywhere on the page, and can extend the script editor by dragging from the bottom of the page. 

The Element dropdown and styling buttons appear in the lower Toolbar when the Storymap is active.