Assets created or tagged in your project, as well as the node types that make up the building blocks of your project, are referenced in your project Catalog. Each item will appear in a list; clicking it will open a detailed view for that item. There, you can add reference images or various notes. Images added will then appear in the Catalog as well as Playthrough. Images can be uploaded by the user, or found via search lookup.


You may also search for specific items using the search bar, or you can set filters based on various categories:

Breakdown Assets:
Assets tagged by users in the script Breakdown will appear here. This can include the following asset types: Location, Event, Environmental, Item, Mechanic, FX Visual, FX Sound, and FX Haptics

Global Assets:
Comprised of any assets created manually in the script editor (nodes, variables, conditions, and characters [via script content]). Includes the following asset types: Character, Branch, Portal, Sequence, Variable Condition

Structural Filter:
Can be used to filter Catalog entries by Episodes, and/or Scenes, and/or Lanes