Mass Editing

Games scripts have the potential to contain very large amounts of intricately organized content. As you enter your production phase, it’s critical that this content is easy to manage and change at scale.

Your script content and catalogue assets will require consistent naming and terminology throughout the development toolchain, and any significant changes will need to be updated accordingly. Mass Editing eliminates the tedium that comes with having to scan each node for every instance of something that needs changing or editing.

Mass Editing is accessed via the Reports document, and can be done by either clicking into a cell, which will trigger a text area if the content is viable for editing, or by using the Find & Replace tool. You can use Find & Replace to apply widespread changes from the 'Edit' menu, or by using the keyboard shortcuts 'Control+F' if you're using a Windows computer, or Command+F, if you're using Mac OSX. Mass Editing can be done on all 3 report types.

Simply enter the text string you're looking for in the first entry box, and enter the desired replacement below. You can go through each instance one by one, if you're feeling selective, or you can click 'Replace All' to apply the change to the entire project.