JSON Export & Import

Once you're ready to move your project from Gem to the game engine of your choice, or if you just want to download a hard backup of the project as it exists, you can export your project as a .JSON file.

JSON, or "JavaScript Object Notation" is an open standard, language-independent file format, and data interchange format, that uses human-readable text to store and transmit data.

Within the context of the Gem Narrative Management System, JSON files contain all of the data associated with each aspect of your project (such as node titles, dialogue, characters, etc), and are commonly used in video game production because they are easily editable and readable; JSON code is like the skeleton of your project, that can be used to build your story into a playable game.


Export JSON

To export your project, select the 'Export JSON' option via the 'File' menu in your script editor; the JSON will be downloaded to your browser's 'Download' folder, and can then be edited accordingly, or migrated to your engine of choice.

Import JSON

Provided the JSON hasn't been altered from its schema structure, users may import their JSON file to generate the content available in the project at the time it was exported, save for any manual edits they may have made to the content.