If your script editor is active, clicking on the Breakdown tool will put the editor in Breakdown Mode. In this state, you are able to create and tag catalog assets as they relate to your script content. 

Highlight a piece of text in your script. This will open the Breakdown Modal. In this view, you can create and associate multiple assets with the text that you highlighted. 


The asset will be created in the catalog and can be re-tagged wherever necessary, by selecting the applicable category, and selecting the item from the "Existing" list.


When viewing your assets in the catalog report, you will see additional metadata identifying in which sequences and on which particular pieces of script text the assets were tagged.


Your tags will appear on selected text while in breakdown mode. Clicking on these tags will open the Breakdown Modal again, allowing you to make edits. All tagged assets are displayed in the Breakdown sidebar. You can use Breakdown Mode while in Multi-Sequence View to identify all tagged assets in your selected sequences.

Every time you tag an asset, you have the option of including a State description. This description is unique to whatever instance of the asset is currently being tagged. You can also associate breakdown assets without specifically marking text by using the plus button in the breakdown menu. Assets created in this manner will still be associated with the Sequence.

The script can still be edited while Breakdown Mode is active. To deactivate it, deselect it in the tools palette.