Sharing Your Project

Gem offers teams the ability to collaborate together in real time across the whole project. 

Projects can be shared via the project list, or via the project editor.

To share via the project list, just press the "Share" button next to the project. This will bring users to the project Team space, where they can add or remove users from the project, or adjust their permissions.

Within the editor itself, Share buttons can be located on the slide-out menu, or from the Share icon located at the top right of the editor.

To add a user, simply type the users email address in the top entry field, then press tab to add the user to the list and add others. If the user exists as a member of the team, their name should appear in a list of matching name or email strings.


Project owners will also have the option to adjust access permissions for the Editor, Catalog, Reports, as well as Edit/Read-Only permissions for each module. To change this just select the "Edit All Documents" option to surface the menu options, and select "Advanced."



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