Team Management

Any global changes made across your Gem workspace will be made in Management. This is where you can configure your workspace, or add & edit users or groups.

Adding Users

Users may be added to your team either individually, or as part of a bulk action, which is particularly helpful for teams of large numbers.

  1. To start, select the Members tab under the Management section.
  2. Select the "add member" icon and type in a team member's email address.
  3. You can press ‘enter’ and add further addresses, if necessary.
  4. (Optional) Add a personal message to the invitation.
  5. Click "invite" to send them an invitation that will prompt them to create a Gem account, if they haven't done so, at which point they will be able to join your studio, and start creating!

Bulk Upload

Alternatively, Administrators can do a bulk upload of team members by importing an appropriately formatted, comma delimited .TXT or .CSV file.

‘Comma delimited’ meaning that each piece of data in the file is separated by a comma, with each user on a new line, in the following format:


For example:,john,smith,bob,smith

Removing Users

To remove users from your Studio

  1. Navigate to Management > Members
  2. Select the checkbox, or checkboxes, next to the member(s) you's like to remove
  3. Select the 'Trash' icon that appears in the menu above the member list
  4. Choose whether or not the user(s) being removed will keep the projects they created, or keep work that belongs to the team

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