Welcome to Gem

We’re thrilled you’ve chosen to use the Gem Narrative Management System, and we’re here to support your journey. Whether you’re with a smaller team, or a company with hundreds of users, we appreciate that it can be difficult to know where to begin, and so we’ve designed this series of resources to help ease the friction, and flatten the learning curve to help get your team up and running on your first project. 


What Gem Can Do

  • Write and Plan Complex Narrative Stories
  • Manage Your Team
  • Get Insight from Reports
  • Track and review the iterative process with History/Restore, and annotated comments
  • Experience or share a text-based version of your narrative experience at any point in the process


Topics We’ll Cover in this Guide

The Getting Started guide will walk you through the following stages to set up your Gem workspace for immediate and long-term success. Depending on the needs of your team, you may wish to spend less or more time on each section covered.

  • Plan and prepare before configuring your workspace
  • Configure your workspace for your custom needs
  • Onboard and organize your team
  • Start a Project
  • Sharing Projects
  • JSON Export/Import

Advanced Topics such as Logic Management, and Custom IDs can be found within other Help Center categories, once you’ve familiarized yourself with the basics in this guide.


How the Guide Works

In each category, we’ll outline the order of operations for configuring your workspace, and present some use cases and best practices, where applicable.

You’ll find relevant links to related articles, which will break the process down, step by step when necessary.


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